Agari-san has stage fright.

—Volume 1, Chapter 1

Agari Himiko
Agari manga.png
Character Name
Full Name Agari Himiko
Kanji 上理 卑美子
Furigana あがり ひみこ
Aliases Ramen is my staple food
Personal Info
Birthday April 30[1]
Blood type B
Gender Female
Height 156cm
Family Agari Matsuri (Aunt)
  • Student
  • Library Committee
  • Food Reviewer
School Itan Private High School
Manga Debut Volume 1, Chapter 14

Himiko Agari ( (あが) () () () () Agari Himiko?) is the glasses girl who has been a member of Library Committee for a year. She finds solace in toilet stalls as she's weak against peer pressure, having no confidence in herself.


Himiko has green hair which she ties up, green eyes and a pair of glasses. She is introduced in and is most often seen in the female school uniform.


Himiko is a sweet girl, but weak against the stress of interpersonal relations so that just having one person looking at her can cause her to blush, get convulsions, hyperventilate, become inarticulate, have cold sweats, and have stomach pains, among others.

She secretly adores Komi Shouko and initially refuses her friendship at Tadano Hitohito's suggestion as she thinks she only fits being Shouko's dog (revealing that she's a masochist). On the other hand, Himiko holds a secret identity as a food reviewer on the internet under the online tag "Ramen is my staple food," as she consistently searches for foods such as ramen and puts her thoughts after eating. When talking about food, Himiko becomes absolutely serious and loses her stuttering; her reviews seem to be considered very truthful, as restaurants where she leaves a good review on are reputed to have lines of customers the next day.

Despite having interpersonal problems, Himiko is popular to boys due to her astounding large breasts that move every time she runs.


  • Her name is a pun on 上がり症 (agari-shou, "stage fright"), and 卑怯 (hikyou, "cowardice"). Also, her given name starts with 卑, which can alternately mean "lowly, base, vulgar" (alluding to her masochism) and "gluttonous" (alluding to her food-reviewing and large appetite).
  • According to Osana Najimi, her tops sizes were 88, 69 with the last one unspoken.
  • Her idea for the Cultural Festival was to have a Whack-A-Mole booth. Her ulterior motive, however, was the desire for Shouko to hit her.


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