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Agari Matsuri
Matsuri manga.jpg
Character Name
Full Name Agari Matsuri
Kanji 上理 祭
Furigana あがり まつり
Personal Info
Gender Female
Family Agari Himiko (Niece)
Occupation Food stall vendor
Manga Debut Chapter 193

Matsuri Agari ( (あが) () (まつり) Agari Matsuri?) is the aunt of Agari Himiko who runs a Yakisoba stand at festivals.


Matsuri looks much like her niece Himiko, but has small, round glasses, and wears a happi along with a sweatband.


She's introduced in chapter 193 when Najimi calls Tadano, Shouko, Manbagi, and Makoto for help in running the stand, since Matsuri's part-timer couldn't make it. At first glance, she seems to be a diligent person, but once the festival starts she switches into an overbearing and intense persona that is revealed to have scared all her previous workers to run away. She later collapses from exhaustion and heat stroke and leaves running the stall to the four, before recovering to direct the second half.


  • Himiko had tried to help out with the stand before, but gave up while she was still in grade school due to customer service being impossible for her.
  • Najimi called the four to help out so he/she could avoid work.