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Ase sweats a lot.

—Chapter 151

Ase Shibuki
Shibuki manga.jpg
Character Name
Full Name Ase Shibuki
Kanji 阿瀬 志吹
Furigana あせ しぶき
Personal Info
Age 16
Gender Female
Height 152.4 cm
Weight 45.9 kg
Occupation Student
School Itan Private High School
Year/Course 2nd year Class 1 (Current)
Manga Debut Chapter 151

Ase Shibuki ( () () () (ぶき) Ase Shibuki?) is a secondary character, one of Shouko's classmates and friends. She's always seen sweating.


Ase has light, orange-brown hair that she ties a portion of into a side ponytail. She typically wears a sweater vest over her school uniform to cover the sweat stains on her shirt. Her height and weight are 152.4 cm and 45.9 kg respectively, as given in Chapter 204.


Ase is a friendly, yet anxious and insecure girl. She has poor self-image because of her chronic sweating issues, which she believes others will judge her for. She spends a lot of time in her introduction chapter worrying that someone might touch her, and panics when it happens. Eventually, Ase becomes somewhat less anxious, and she grows close to Isagi Kiyoko, as well as some of her other classmates.


Ase was first introduced in Chapter 151, when she comes to school sweating heavily. She laments the summer season and the summer uniforms, the combination of which causes her discomfort. When Osana Najimi touches her shoulder, Ase sprays them with antiperspirant and runs into the bathroom. Realizing she'd run out of antiperspirant, Ase tries to devise a new plan for how she'll cool off, but is unsuccessful. Manbagi Rumiko offers her own antiperspirant spray to Ase, which she gladly accepts. Rumiko and Shouko are shocked by how much she uses, watching her spray it directly onto her face.

In Chapter 164, Ase goes to the beach during summer vacation with Shouko, Rumiko, Hitohito Tadano, Naruse Shisuto, Katai Makoto, and Komitani Chuusaku. During the trip, in Chapter 165, Ase comforts Naruse after he nearly drowns.

In Chapter 179, Ase goes to the Katai family's dojo with the same group of friends, plus Najimi. During the courage test in Chapter 180, Ase is paired with Naruse. She apologizes for his misfortune of being paired with her and begins to self-deprecate. Naruse reassures her that she is "someone who deserves to love herself," and they continue. They eventually pass out and are unable to complete the courage test, but are present for the afterparty.

During class elections in Chapter 196, Isagi Kiyoko asks Ase for help campaigning for student council president. It is revealed that the two have gone to the same school since elementary, and Ase had believed they were friends while Kiyoko had not. In Chapter 200, Ase accompanies Kiyoko to meet Ichou Setoka.

In Chapter 201, Ase has a nightmare about being called "filthy" for her excessive sweating by Kiyoko. Later, the two reflect on their fun childhood memories together. In Chapter 202, Kiyoko reveals that in middle school, she snapped at Ase for touching her, and that Ase became more self-conscious about her sweating problem afterwards. Kiyoko once again asks Ase for help, and this time she agrees. In the next chapter, Chapter 203, she gives a speech in support of Kiyoko, though she insults and reveals embarrassing facts about her friend during it. At the end of the chapter, they hug and become best friends.

In Chapter 211, Naruse offers her a bottle of water but is intercepted by Kiyoko. Ase thanks him before leaving.

In Chapter 229, Ase cleans the stage in the school's auditorium with Naruse. Naruse touches her hand and leans in to pick a piece of confetti from her hair before Kiyoko intercepts by hitting him repeatedly. After that, in Chapter 238, Ase visits Naruse in the infirmary.

In chapter 257, Ase and the girls have a sleepover at Manbagi's house. When Manbagi asks Ase about Naruse, she is seen blushing and being flustered. This results in Kiyoko looking at her in disgust.


  • Her name, あせしぶき (Ase Shibuki), can be rewritten as 汗飛沫, meaning "sweat droplets."
  • Ase placed 11th in the first popularity poll.
  • Ase is depicted with Kyouko on the cover of Volume 15.
  • The disorder associated with excessive sweating is called hyperhidrosis. It is possible, though hasn't been directly stated, that Ase suffers with this condition.