—Chapter 188

Baba Kingyo
Baba Kingyo profile.png
Character Name
Full Name Baba Kingyo
Personal Info
Gender Female
Occupation Student
School Itan Private High School
Year/Course 2nd year Class 1
Manga Debut Chapter 188

Baba Kingyo is a second-year at Itan Private High School.


Baba Kingyo is crudely drawn with short dark hair and fins sticking out of the top and sides of her head. She is cross-eyed and bucktoothed. When Kingyo was debuted, she wore a black jacket vest, but she has also worn the Itan High School uniform.


Kingyo is a "special" individual who fills the background of class 2-1, yelling her trademark "DAZ RIGHT!!" She first appears in Chapter 188.

At the start of Chapter 200, Kingyo does the story update.

In Chapter 221, Kingyo is seen fanning (assistant) director Osana Najimi.


  • Kingyo only ever appears with her mouth open.
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