I Want to Chat ( (しゃべ) りたいんです Shaberitaindesu?) is the fifth chapter of Tomohito Oda's Miss Komi is Bad at Communication.


Having determined that Komi Shouko has trouble speaking with others, Tadano Hitohito suggests communicating via the chalkboard. Through the board, Komi's questions Tadano how he was able to deduce her poor communication ability. Tadano replies that her various reactions allowed him to come to such conclusion. After questioning Komi, Tadano realizes he is the only person at school that knows about Komi's condition.

After an awkward pause, Tadano becomes uncertain what to say next and suggests the two of them go to the gym. When Tadano tries to leave first, Komi stops him by grabbing the back of his jacket and stammers for him to wait. She continues to write on the board and explains her condition in-depth while describing the problems she had dealing with people that were associated with it, desperately writing a series of questions related to her disorder and finishing off with a plea wondering what she should do. After this Tadano sees that she is not a prima donna, but rather just a normal girl with difficulties. Komi seemingly starts sobbing and he offers his handkerchief, but she refuses it and says she only had hiccups.

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  • Tadano learns more about Komi's disorder and the problems she's faced as a result of it.


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