I Want to Apologize ( (あやま) りたいんです Ayamaritaindesu?) is the sixth chapter of Tomohito Oda's Miss Komi is Bad at Communication.


While they are still in the classroom, Komi's hiccups cease and she continues to communicate with Tadano through the chalkboard. Komi writes that she is unable to greet people, convey her emotions, or conduct casual conversation such as talking about the weather. She notes that her issues with communicating have led to problems for Tadano and apologizes for the inconvenience that he has encountered as a result. Tadano replies that he doesn't remember her doing anything bad to him, but Komi thinks back to the unfriendly and callous treatment he had endured in class earlier. She continues writing and reiterates her apology, stating that she was taking up his time with her problems and asks him to forget everything, telling him goodbye.

However, as Komi starts walking away, Tadano begins to write on the chalkboard and asks her about the weather. Komi replies, and Tadano encourages her to write more. Eventually, Komi and Tadano fill the whole chalkboard with written conversation, drawings, and games. Tadano questions Komi on the chalkboard about her dream, and she states it is to gain a hundred friends and admonishes him not to laugh. Tadano then writes that he would be her first friend and would help her gain 99 more.

Komi appears surprised at this declaration, leading Tadano to believe he had said something awkward or outrageous. He apologizes and tries to back out, but she thanks him and asks him to take care of her, blushing and fleeing the classroom. Tadano is left also blushing and bewildered.

After Komi runs out, Tadano resolves himself on his new mission to help Komi get 99 more friends and cure her communication disorder. Meanwhile, Komi sits outside the door overcome with emotion.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • Tadano and Komi befriend each other.
  • Komi reveals her dream of obtaining a hundred friends.
    • Tadano determines to help her accomplish this dream by becoming her first friend and helping her get 99 more.


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