I Want to Apologize is the sixth chapter of Tomohito Oda's Miss Komi is Bad at Communication.


Komi Shouko and Tadano Hitohito were still in the classroom. Komi was communicating with Tadano via chalkboard. Her hiccups had stopped. Komi wrote that she was unable to greet people, convey her emotions, or do simple things like talk about the weather. She noted that her problems communicating have led to problems for Tadano, and she apologized. Tadano said he didn't remember her doing anything bad to him, but she remembered the unfriendly and callous treatment he had endured in class already. Also she apologized (via chalkboard) about taking his time with her problems, asked him to forget everything, and told him goodbye.

However, Tadano then wrote on the chalkboard asking about the weather that day. She replied, and Tadano encouraged her to write more. Eventually Komi and Tadano filled the whole chalkboard with written conversation, drawings, and games. Tadano wrote on the chalkboard asking her about her dream, she replied "having a hundred friends", and then admonished him not to laugh. Tadano then wrote that he'd be her first friend and would help her get 99 more.

Komi appeared surprised at this, leading Tadano to think he'd said something seriously awkward. He apologized and tried to back out, but she thanked him and asked him to take care of her. Then she blushed and fled, leaving Tadano bewildered and blushing himself.

Tadano resolved himself on his new mission to help Komi get 99 more friends. Meanwhile, Komi was sitting outside the door overcome with emotion.

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