One More Time (もう (いっ) (かい) 、です Mōikkai, desu?) is the seventh chapter of Tomohito Oda's Miss Komi is Bad at Communication.


Tadano Hitohito and Komi Shouko walk to class, and Tadano internally comments on Komi's features and beauty. Tadano realizes he accidentally called out Komi's name and awkwardly encourages her to practice asking an individual for friendship, as crossing this step would drastically speed up her process in making many friends. Komi, happy with the idea, attempts to speak, but she stiffens like a rock. Although they both understand Komi's predicament, Komi's desire to properly communicate help them resolve to keep going and try again.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • Tadano helps Komi practice asking someone for friendship.


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