Childhood Friend ( (おさな) () (じみ) です Osananajimidesu?) is the ninth chapter of Tomohito Oda's Miss Komi is Bad at Communication.


After his disastrous encounter with Yamai Ren, Tadano Hitohito fails to make friendly contact with other classmates and realizes his lack of good standing in the class. Feeling completely useless as a first friend for Komi Shouko, Tadano knocks his head on the desk in despair which surprises Komi. Undaunted, Tadano reluctantly attempts his last course of action: introducing Komi to his childhood friend, Osana Najimi.

Tadano goes to talk to Najimi alone, but Komi surprises him by coming along. When he approaches Najimi, Tadano is startled to see his friend wearing a skirt as they had maintained a male appearance in middle school. Tadano questions this, and Najimi asserts that "she" had always been a girl. Tadano notes that Najimi is known for being inconsistent and unknown, and, furthermore, is a very socially adept person. Najimi claims that every person in the school is their childhood friend, shocking Komi.

When Tadano tells Najimi that he has a request, Najimi responds with an inappropriate joke. After Tadano tensely explains to Komi that Najimi was joking, he tells her to request for Najimi to be her friend like they had practiced earlier. Komi attempts to speak, but ends up stuttering in a jarring manner. While Tadano notes improvement, Najimi is freaked out. Tadano asks directly for Najimi to become Komi's friend, but Najimi replies that it is impossible, much to Tadano and Komi's astonishment.

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  • Tadano introduces Komi to Najimi, a childhood friend.


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