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Kometani is a commentator.

—Volume 8, Chapter 102

Chusaku Kometani
Character Name
Full Name Kometani Chūshaku
Kanji 米谷 忠釈
Furigana こめたに ちゅうしゃく
Personal Info
Age 15 (first appearance)
16 (first year/second Year)
17 (currently)
Gender Male
Height 157.5cm (5’2”)
Hair Black
Eye Black
Occupation Student
School Itan Private High School
Manga Debut Chapter 102
Anime Debut Episode 10
Japanese Voice Shotaro Uzawa

Kometani Chushaku ( (こめ) (たに) (ちゅう) (しゃく) Kometani Chūshaku?) is introduced with Naruse Shisuto to commentate on the manga to the reader.


Kometani has short black hair with three tufts sticking out at the top. He is depicted as having no mouth or nose. He's described as small and cute by some other characters. He wears the standard Itan Private High School uniform. In Chapter 201, it is revealed that he has a stunning smile when he tries.


Kometani is friends with Naruse. He also told Tadano Hitohito that Naruse is not a bad person. He translated Manbagi Rumiko's slang when she made her debut in the manga.

He often makes his appearances on the edges of panels in the manga, narrating or stating the scene. In the anime, he also usually appears in the corners of the screen for the same purpose, indicated by a doorbell-like chime. He is usually not seen speaking otherwise.


  • He is favored by Gorimi in the library because his way of speaking does not register as a sound, as it is a form of narration.
  • He is the only non-gyaru shown to be able to perfectly understand them.
  • His given name, Chūshaku (忠釈), is a homonym for the word "a comment" or "to comment" (注釈).
  • His family name, Kometani, could be a play on the English word "commentate".
  • He can break the 4th wall (talk to the readers). One such example is his ability to pop up in any panel despite not being there physically.
  • He has a sister.
  • All of his speech bubbles in the manga are square, stating that he is still narrating even though he is speaking with his vocal cords. But on Chapter 288, his speech bubble turned into a circle when he smiled and got carried away.
  • On [1]Chapter 333.5, he is titled "Kometani the Gamer"
  • He is talented at snowboarding.
  • He is good at video games, especially Numabros (a game in the Komi Can't Communicate universe that is a reference to the Super Smash Brothers series).
    • His MMR (Online Matchmaking Rank) is 1105,700,000 in Numabros.


Manga Appearance

Chapter 201, where he is revealed to have a beautiful smile.