Emoyama-san likes Emo things

—Chapter 216

Emoyama Yuragi
Emoyama Yuragi.jpg
Character Name
Full Name Emoyama Yuragi
Personal Info
Gender Female
Occupation Student
School Itan Private High School
Year/Course 2nd year
Manga Debut Chapter 216

Emoyama Yuragi ( () () (やま) ゆらぎ Emoyama Yuragi?)is a second-year at Itan Private High School.


Yuragi has long, dark hair that completely covers her eyes and runs down to about mid-back. Some of her hair is tied back with a bow that has "E=mc2" on it. Her Itan High School uniform sweater has long sleeves that go over her hands. She also wears a knee-length Itan High uniform skirt and knee-high stockings.


Yuragi debuts in Chapter 216 "Emotional". She strolls about the halls, secretly observing her classmates, saying "Emo" (short for emotional) whenever she sees something that moves her heart. Yuragi knows the history of all the classmates she encounters. Yuragi keels over after "overemoing" that day, and when a concerned Komi brings over Tadano, she apparently dies in the presence of the "Emo prize winners." (Not really)

In Chapter 232, Yuragi, along with Sukida Lily and Isagi Kiyoko converge on Komi Shouko and Tadano Hitohito as the pair explore the Culture Festival together. When Yuragi sees Komi and Tadano, she once again faints from overexposure to Emo things. (Komi and Tadano carry her to the infirmary)

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