Be quiet in the library.


Gorimi manga.jpg
Character Name
Full Name Gorimi
Kanji 檎林美
Furigana ごりみ
Personal Info
Age 16 (at the start of the manga)
Gender Female
  • Student
  • Library Committee
School Itan Private High School
  • 2nd year (Former)
  • 3rd year (current)
Manga Debut Chapter 36

Gorimi is a student one year above the main characters. She is the Head Librarian, and the disciplinarian of Itan Private High School.


Gorimi is extremely buff and intimidating.


Gorimi is introduced in Chapter 36 where she hits Najimi with a paper fan for being too loud. She is revealed to be in charge of the library's strike system, where being too loud (exceeding 60 decibels, the normal talking volume) results in an strike and a whack on the head by Gorimi's paper fan (ironically, the sound of the paper fan is the loudest.); accumulation of three strikes in total results in being kicked out of the library.

She appears again in Chapter 69 with the teacher to put and end to Najimi's profiteering in the maid cafe.

The group return to the library in Chapter 159 for the Fourth Great "You better not be loud test study session in the library", indicating that the group had returned to study in the library two more times prior. Before even entering the library, Najimi received their first out. The Library Committee (Agari included) has since then been reorganized into a punishment squad, each carrying a paper fan and also striking people who are loud. However, if the students are having a conversation relating to studying, Gorimi deems it to be safe.

She appears again in Chapter 208 for the Sports Festival where she's shown reining in the teachers as well to maintain fairness along with Isagi Kiyoko, smacking the Vice Principal with her paper fan for giving Komi Shouko 100 Million points.


  • The hiragana of Gorimi can be read as "Gorilla beauty".
  • Due to Komitani's speech bubbles being registered as narration and not actual sound, he is deemed silent and is Gorimi's favourite.
  • On the other hand, because Naruse's presence alone is loud and obnoxious, he got struck out almost immediately without even speaking.
  • Najimi has been kicked out every time; they are also always the first to be kicked out.
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