The Student Council president of Itan High School, she is a model president... apparently.

—Chapter 200

Ichou Setoka
Ichou manga.jpg
Character Name
Full Name Ichou Setoka
Kanji 伊調 馨
Furigana いちょう せとか
Personal Info
Age 17
Gender Female
  • Student
  • Student Council President (Former)
School Itan Private High School
Year/Course 3rd year (Current)
Manga Debut Chapter 200

Ichou Setoka (伊調 馨, いちょう せとか, lit. Ichou Setoka) is a third year student and was the Student Council President before Isagi Kiyoko.



During the introduction ceremony, the Principal forgot to tell the students to sit down and continued his long speech. As a result, Ichou decided to walk up stage herself, grab the microphone, and tell everyone to sit. This serves as the inspiration for Isagi in wanting to become Student Council President, as she believed Ichou was looking out for a student that looked sick (In reality, she was just tired of standing).

In Chapter 200, Najimi brings Isagi, Komi, Manbagi, and Ase to see Ichou, and are shocked to see her hosting a spicy hotpot lunch in the Student Council room. On further interaction, we find out that Ichou is notoriously untidy, has all her priorities wrong, and it's implied that she's only President in name, the completely opposite of Isagi.

Ichou reappears in Chapter 209, where she's trying to split watermelons while blindfolded at the Sports Festival, leading to Isagi and Gorimi (with her paper fan poised to strike) showing up behind her. Then again in Chapter 212 where she's seen taking cash bets with Najimi on who will win this year's relay race, which is immediately shut down also by Gorimi and Isagi.

Ichou rescues Tadano Hitohito from an angry mob during the Culture Festival in Chapter 224. She is dressed like a Playboy Bunny and dubs herself the "Bunny of Justice." Ichou has Tadano disguise himself as a girl so he may elude the mob. Despite the costume working, it was meant mostly as a joking excuse to have Tadano cross-dress (again).

The former president makes a grand entrance in Chapter 232 (still as the Bunny of Justice) with an entourage she calls the "'Cut 'em some slack, It's fine we're young' Association" (CIA) to confront Isagi Kiyoko and her "Federation for Breaking up Illicit relationships" (FBI). The confrontation escalates into a match of Hit-n-Cover Rock Paper Scissors. Komi Shouko and Tadano Hitohito, who were hiding nearby, manage to escape during the commotion.


  • She's currently repeating her third year, and in one of her speeches, she states that she wants to repeat another year because graduating would be lonely.
  • Her name is an anagram of "seto kaichou", meaning student council president.
  • Her personality is a lot like Najimi's.
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