Inaka-san is fromt countryside.

—Chapter 51

Inaka Nokoko
Inaka manga.png
Character Name
Full Name Inaka Nokoko
Kanji 井中 のこ子
Furigana いなか のここ
Personal Info
Gender Female
Occupation Student
School Itan Private High School
  • 1st year
  • Class 1
Manga Debut Chapter 51 Series)

Inaka Nokoko ( () (なか) のこ () Inaka Nokoko?) is a girl with a complex about her coming from the countryside. She later becomes friends with Komi Shouko.


Inaka has short, black hair and three freckles on each cheek. Unlike most girls in her school, she wears a longer skirt with her uniform, finding it to be embarrassing if the skirt is shorter than 3cm below the knees.


Inaka debuted in Chapter 51, where she was very anxious about school and was worried she would be ostracized for being from the countryside. This leads to her most not speaking until the school trip to Kyoto, where she finds out that nobody actually minds her accent. Due to her being from the countryside, she wants to be a "city girl" and observes Shouko's behaviour to try and mimic her as she sees Shouko as the perfect example (although she ends up ordering food like a normal person).

Inaka appears again in Chapter 93, as a shrine maiden running the souvenir booth with Shouko. She panics because she thinks Shouko will oust her at school for being a country bumpkin (which of course, doesn't happen). Like her classmates, Inaka believes Shouko will be able to handle everything with ease, until she sees Shouko shaking. Then she advises Shouko to write things down on paper and the rest of the shift goes by with ease. Eventually Shouko reveals that she knows it's Inaka but has no qualms about her being from the countryside. The chapter ends with the two wishing each other well for the rest of the year.

In the second year of high school, we don't actually see Inaka at school. Rather, she appears in the countryside when Shouko goes to visit her grandmother.


  • Her idea for the Cultural Festival was a disco, despite not actually saying it out loud.
  • Despite entering Yuiko's household many times, Inaka didn't actually realize that she is Shouko's grandmother.


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