A charismatic beautician and a senior I admire!

—Volume 2, Chapter 34

Karisu Masa
Karisu Masa.png
Character Name
Full Name Karisu Masa
Kanji 雁巣 真姫
Furigana かリす まさ
Personal Info
Gender Female
Occupation Beautician
Manga Debut Chapter 34

Karisu Masa ( (かリ) () () () Karisu Masa?) is Komi Shouko's hair dresser.


Karisu has short hair with bangs that fall over her left eye. She wears glasses and is most often seen in a striped button-up shirt with black pants.


Karisu is seen to be very professional with her clients. When Komi comes in to her shop Karisu is able to understand exactly what she wants even without Komi speaking to her.


  • Her name Karisu Masa (かリす, まさ) means charismatic woman.


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