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Katai Ai
Katai Ai.png
Character Name
Full Name Katai Ai
Kanji 片居 愛
Furigana かたい あい
Personal Info
Gender Female
Affiliation Has a crush on Komi Shousuke
Occupation Student
School Kisai High School
Manga Debut Chapter 94, pg 11

Ai after enjoying her day.jpg

Katai Ai ( (かた) () (あい) Katai Ai?) is the sister of Katai Makoto. She is immediately targeted by Tadano Hitomi and is forced to interact with her similar to how Hitomi interacts with Komi Shousuke.


Katai Ai looks like a bosozoku (biker gangster), wearing a tokkofuku (Japanese combat uniform that bikers used). This gives everyone the impression that she is a 'hardliner', which is the impression she is trying to give off. Her face looks rough, similar to Makoto, except when she swoons over Shousuke it looks normal. She has lightly colored hair, possibly blonde. She is also implied to be cute as commented by Shousuke's mom in chapter 207.


Ai is a tough girl with a typical bosozoku personality. She is violent, intimidating, and strong-willed.

Despite her rough exterior, she values her femininity and is a romantic. She is swayed easily by appeals to her romantic side, is somewhat tsundere, and likes cute things such as stuffed animals. She has strong feelings for Shousuke, who she believes to be a hardliner like her. She also seems to be somewhat sheltered; she believes arcades are "immoral" and calls Hitomi's complex coffee order "a chant." She is also shown to be shy as she won't drag Shousuke to places herself, and she cannot give him her Valentine's chocolate.

Kometani comments in Chapter 198 that "as a hardliner, Ai-chan has zero love resistance!" and "Ai-chan is surprisingly simple."


Ai was first named in Chapter 94, where she is briefly seen coaching Makoto in a workout on New Year's.

She appears again in Chapter 179, where she attacks Makoto for wearing an unusual outfit.

Ai's character is first expanded upon in Chapter 198. She initially hides behind trees to admire Komi Shousuke, for whom she has feelings. She makes a boxed lunch for him, but he ignores her, and she gives the lunch to Yamada Sanjuurokurou (causing him to believe she has feelings for him). Later, Ai goes on an outing with Shousuke, Hitomi, and Sanjuurokurou. Although initially upset that the outing wasn't a one-on-one date with Shousuke, she ends up enjoying herself.


  • Ai's full name, Katai Ai ( (かた) () (あい) Katai Ai?), is a homonym for the phrase "tough love."
  • Ai frequently refers to Shousuke as "Shousuke-kyun."
  • Ai placed 42nd in the first popularity poll.