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Is Katai-kun a hardliner?

—Chapter 76

Katai Makoto
Character Name
Full Name Katai Makoto
Kanji 片居 誠
Furigana かたい まこと
Personal Info
Gender Male
Occupation Student
School Itan Private High School
Manga Debut Chapter 76
Japanese Voice Shin'ichirō Kamio

Katai Makoto is one of Komi Shouko's friends who doesn't like her, but admires her, misunderstanding Shouko as a komyu master. He looks like a delinquent, but is just a normal high schooler. Makoto is similar to Shouko in that he is bad at communicating with people.


Makoto used to be a lanky boy, but after exercising his body turned sturdy and his physique was akin to a delinquent.


Just as school was starting, Makoto caught a cold and was bedridden for a week then, after a week, he found it hard to go to school, even though he only went as far as the school gates. Makoto hesitated to enter the school despite saying he would go tomorrow and by the time he realized, the season came and winter had passed. That summer he thought to himself "I couldn't go on like this" and to prevent being bullied, he trained his body and bleached his hair, making him look like a delinquent.

Despite his extreme makeover, Osana Najimi still recognized him, which made him so nervous he dragged Najimi outside to make sure that no one knows about his past. When nervous, like Shouko, Makoto takes on a scary appearance. Makoto also mistakingly acts scary at times, which is always non-intentional. But with the helping hand of Tadano Hitohito and his friends, he has loosened up over time. He now sees Hitohito as a friend and Shouko as his komyu master.


  • He gave chocolate to Tadano Hitohito on Valentine's day despite men usually giving their gifts on White Day.
  • His entire family (with the exception of Katai Ai) is revealed to be stiff-lipped and have trouble having conversations, and instead talk within their minds. Even the men in his extended family, despite their tough looks, they're timid like Makoto.
  • Suteno Gorou has mistaken Makoto for Komi Shouko due to Osana Najimi telling him that Komi was the leader of the school. Upon entering their classroom, Suteno Gorou assumed Makoto Katai was Komi Shouko from his frightening aura.


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