An unusual sense of unity was forged between Katou and Sasaki.

—Volume 8, Chapter 104

Katou Mikuni
Katou Mikuni.png
Character Name
Full Name Katou Mikuni
Kanji 加藤 三九二
Furigana かとう みくに
Personal Info
Gender Female
Occupation Student
School Itan Private High School
Year/Course 1st year Class 1 (Former)
Manga Debut Chapter 104

Katou Mikuni ( () (とう) () () () Katou Mikuni?) is a member of Komi's group for the year 1 field trip.


Katou has black hair that is tied in circular braids on each side of her head. She wears circular shaped glasses and is most often seen wearing the Itan school uniform.


Katou is one-third of Komi's first-year field trip group. She and Sasaki Ayami make a pact to make sure the trip is as fun as possible for Komi. Katou makes a schedule for the trip but things don't go as planned leading to her getting in a minor fight with Sasaki but Komi ends it quickly. Later on in the manga, Katou teaches Tadano and Komi shogi strategies.

During the first-year field trip in Chapter 112, Katou admits that she is interested in Katai Makoto. On the train ride home, Sasaki tricks her into sitting next to him.


  • Her name Katou Mikuni (かとう, みくに) is a reference to the Shogi player Katou Hifumi
  • Her signature move is the shoulder punch
  • Katou placed 21st in the first popularity poll.


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