Isagi Kiyoko is fastidious.

—Chapter 196

Kiyoko Isagi
Kiyoko profile image.png
Character Name
Full Name Isagi Kiyoko
Kanji 潔 清子
Furigana いさぎ きよこ
Personal Info
Age 16
Gender Female
Height 155.5 cm
Weight 50.2 kg
  • Student
  • Student Council President
School Itan Private High School
Year/Course 2nd year Class 1 (Current)
Manga Debut Chapter 196

Kiyoko Isagi ( (いさぎ) (きよ) () Isagi Kiyoko?) is a classmate of Shouko, and is the current Student Council President, having been elected to replace Ichou Setoka.


Isagi has short, wavy black hair parted on the right side of her face. She wears thick, black glasses. In Chapter 204, it is revealed that her height and weight are 155.5 cm and 50.2 kg, respectively.


During her second year of middle school, Isagi's mother told her to wipe a table. The cloth that she took felt indescribably filthy to her, and from then on she developed severe mysophobia, unable to touch others and refusing to let others touch her. One day, her friend Ase Shibuki greeted her by tapping her shoulder. This caused her to recoil harshly and without thinking, call Ase filthy. She later apologized deeply to Ase, but still felt guilty seeing her friend gradually lose her confidence due to her intense sweating.


  • Isagi very clearly sees Ase Shibuki and Naruse Shisuto getting closer, and does not approve of Naruse. She intercedes whenever and wherever she can.
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