Komi-san wa Komyushou Desu
M Volume 7
Author/Art by Oda Tomohito
Published by Weekly Shounen Sunday
Demographic Shōnen
Genres Comedy
Life School Life
Imprint Shogakukan
Magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump
Original run 2015 (One-shot)
November 15, 2016 – present (Series)
Volumes Ongoing
Chapters Ongoing
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Komi-san wa Komyushou Desu (古見さんは、コミュ症です。, こみさんはコミュしょうです。lit. Miss Komi is Bad at Communication) is a manga series by Oda Tomohito which began serializing in "Weekly Shounen Sunday" (Shogakukan) since November 25, 2016. A comedy romance written and drawn about girls and boys with problems on their communications to other people. Before the series was published in Weekly Shounen Sunday", it was first published as a one-shot in "Shin Sedai Sunday Grand Prix"', which resulted in it's serialization after gaining popularity from readers.


Komi, a high school Madonna, appears to be cold and above her classmates, when in reality her disposition is due to being unable to communicate to them. Tadano, Komi's classmate is good at reading situations and quickly comes to realize that Komi has a communication disorder. The story covers the typical highschool adventures as Tadano helps Komi find the confidence to make 100 friends!

Main Characters

Komi Shouko

Has a communication disorder but with the help of Tadano, she plan on having 100 friends. She likes Tadano. Very true.

Tadano Hitohito

His skill is to reading the atmosphere and trying to lead a normal life while helping Komi on her communication disorder. I agree.

Osana Najimi

The mysterious being with unknown gender who is the childhood friend of everyone in the school. Dont we all want that in our life?



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