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M Volume 7
Komi-san wa Komyushou Desu (古見さんは、コミュ症です。, こみさんはコミュしょうです。lit. Miss Komi is Bad at Communication) is a manga series by Oda Tomohito which began serializing in "Weekly Shounen Sunday" (Shogakukan) since November 25, 2016. A comedy romance written and drawn about girls and boys with problems on their communications to other people. Before the series was published in Weekly Shounen Sunday", it was first published as a one-shot in "Shin Sedai Sunday Grand Prix" in 2015, which resulted in it's serialization after gaining popularity from readers.

Komi-san is the beautiful and admirable girl that no one can take their eyes off of. Almost the whole school sees her as the cold beauty that's out of their league, but Tadano Hitohito knows the truth: she's just really bad at communicating with others.

Komi-san, who wishes to fix this bad habit of hers, tries to improve herself with the help of Tadano-kun.
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Komi-kun doesn't need to communicate.
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Onemine Nene
Onemine-san is a big sister.

—Chapter 64

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