Komi Shuuko
Shuuko manga.png
Character Name
Full Name Komi Shūko
Kanji 古見 秀子
Furigana こみ しゅうこ
Personal Info
Gender Female
Affiliation Komi Household
Manga Debut Chapter 15

Shūko Komi ( () () (しゅう) () Komi Shūko?), previously Shūko Nimi ( () () (しゅう) () Nimi Shūko?) is Komi Shouko's mother. She looks like her daughter, but her personality is like that of a teenager and she introduces herself to Hitohito and Najimi as forever 17 years old.


Just like her son and daughter, Shuuko is considered as beautiful. She is always the chatter box of their family as both her children take after their father Masayoshi, and are very silent. She is always left to wonder how her family get's along because of this.

Before she was married, her name was Nimi Shuuko. She was bored by school and even started dissing her future husband, until seeing him do various things that are on par with professionals; causing her to slowly fall in love with him, despite his deadpan and silent demeanor.


  • Her maiden name Nimi (meaning "new view") is a play on words to the name Komi (which means "old view").
  • When despaired, she ages into Forever 18.
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