Manbagi Rumiko is, like, a manba gyaru.

—Volume 10 Chapter 131

Manbagi Rumiko
Character Name
Full Name Manbagi Rumiko
Kanji 万場木 留美子
Furigana まんばぎ るみこ
Personal Info
Age 15
Gender Female
Occupation Student
School Itan Private High School
Year/Course 2nd year Class 1
Manga Debut Chapter 131

Rumiko Manbagi (万場木 留美子, まんばぎ るみこ lit. Manbagi Rumiko) is a new main character of the story and the first person Komi befriended alone. She is a gyaru girl who entered the second year with no friends but was soon befriended by the main characters. She has since developed a crush on Tadano Hitohito.


Manbagi is a manba-styled gyaru girl with tanned skin, bleached light hair and a very girly fashion sense. She's introduced in ridiculous, heavy makeup but once that's removed she is revealed to have a naturally beautiful face. She has shoulder-length, wavy blonde hair, a dark complexion, and a curvy figure. Manbagi had a short, black bob and fair skin when she was in middle school.


Manbagi is a cheerful, friendly girl who easily gets along with people once she becomes friends with them. In contrast to the Shouko, she's quite energetic and talkative. Though the two are more alike than it initially seems, both being sweet, lonely girls who desperately want friends. She seems somewhat naive and insecure, believing that her heavy makeup is what makes her pretty and thinking she doesn't compare to Komi.

Manbagi has a tsundere like personality as she can be harsh on Tadano because she's shy about the feelings she developed for him after he called her cute. That harshness has softened as she's appeared and she's become nicer, though she can still be fairly short-tempered with him if she's embarrassed.



  • She likes horror movies.
  • Her name Manbagi Rumiko (まんばぎ, るみこ) means masquerading beautiful girl.
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