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Najimi Osana adapts to things.

—Volume 1, Chapter 9

Najimi Osana
Character Name
Full Name Osana Najimi
Kanji 長名なじみ
Furigana おさな なじみ
Personal Info
Birthday April 1[1]
Gender Najimi
Occupation Student
School Itan Private High School
Manga Debut Volume 1, Chapter 9 (Series)
Anime Debut Episode 2
English Voice Skyler Davenport
Japanese Voice Rie Murakawa

Najimi Osana ( (おさ) () なじみ Osana Najimi?) is a character in Komi Can't Communicate Their gender is unknown. They are also the complete antithesis of Komi Shouko; possessing phenomenal communication abilities which allowed them to get close to anyone within a few minutes of meeting them.


Najimi sports a short lavender and wavy hairdo that spikes up at the ends. They have a petite body and is below average in height for both male and female. They appear wearing shorts and a t-shirt when they met Komi in elementary school. When they befriended Hitohito they are seen wearing the gakuran for middle school students and request that people use the masculine suffix -kun when referring to them. Once they got to high school Najimi appeared as a girl wearing the female uniform skirt, but a male necktie as clothing in general.

They sometimes wear either male or female clothing outside of school, often wearing androgynous clothing when hanging out with friends.


Najimi is known for having exceptional talent when it comes to communication. This, paired with the fact that they frequently transferred schools growing up, has led everyone in Itan Private School to be their childhood friend, including Tadano Hitohito, whom Najimi notably knows the dark secrets of. Najimi became the vice president of Class 1 because of its talent.

Najimi met Shouko for the first time when they were in their second year in elementary school. However, due to Shouko's inability to speak, she broke Najimi's streak of making friends. This caused Najimi to be bedridden for a week from shock.

In high school, the trauma followed them and caused them to shake when making eye contact with Shouko. Initially, Najimi rejected Hitohito's plea to befriend Shouko. However, after much begging, they reluctantly agreed. When walking home with Shouko and Hitohito, a former classmate confessed to Najimi and attempted to assault them when he was rejected. Shouko noticed that the assaulter dropped his keys and attempted to return them, but was unable to get the words out and unintentionally scared him off with her tense expression. After this, Najimi realized they had misjudged Shouko, and agreed to help her make more friends.

Najimi insists on using the feminine suffix -chan, but has been known to switch to being referred to as a boy when convenient: like when rejecting a male classmate that confessed.

Other characters often use both male and female pronouns when referring to Najimi due to nobody, even teachers, knows their birth gender.


  • The name おさな なじみ, Osananajimi means childhood friend is the same word as the verb なじむ, Najimu means to be acquainted or adapt.
  • Najimi can listen to up to 8 people at the same time.
  • Najimi's last name was first translated as Nagana.
  • Their idea for the first Cultural Festival was the Maid Cafe, with the ulterior motive being to make a huge profit by advertising komi san in a maid costume. This idea eventually was accepted once Shouko voted for it.
  • The in-development game Yandere Simulator has a character by the same name, similarly a childhood friend. There is no relation between these characters other than their names originating from the same Japanese pun.



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