Netsuno-san is hot blooded!!

—Volume 1, Chapter 1

Netsuno Chika
Netsuno manga.jpg
Character Name
Full Name Netsuno Chika
Kanji 根津野 ちか
Furigana ねつの ちか
Personal Info
Age 16 (at the start of the manga)
Gender Female
Occupation Student
School Itan Private High School
  • 2nd year Class 3 (Former)
  • 3rd year Class 4 (current)
Manga Debut Chapter 1 (Cameo)
Chapter 54 (Series)

Chika Netsuno (根津野 ちか, ねつの ちか lit. Netsuno Chika) is a student one year above Tadano, Shouko, and Najimi, and serves as Shouko's athletic rival.


Netsuno is a girl with tan skin and an athletic build. She has red hair that's held by a hairpin with a flame at the end, and fire shaped irises, further adding to her theme of heat. She wears a track jacket with her surname on the back.


Although Netsuno is seen on Chapter 1's opening page, she isn't seen until Chapter 54; where she goes around determining the energy level of students in degrees Celsius. Netsuno commonly uses the words heat and cold to describe people. Despite being called hot-blooded (a term meaning enthusiastic), Netsuno is actually a calm person that loves a competitive spirit. In fact, it can be said that Yadano is more hot-blooded than Netsuno.

Netsuno first appears to greet Shouko as her opponent in the relay race, assuming that Shouko was a cold person when in fact she was just unable to communicate. However, after seeing Shouko trip and fall, yet still be determined to win, Netsuno also gives it her all. She narrowly beats Shouko by a very short length, and later acknowledges Shouko's "120 degrees".

Netsuno appears again in Chapter 212 in the Sports Festival's relay race, going head to head with Shouko once again. Although Shouko gives it her all, Netsuno wins the race once again, much to Shouko's initial dismay. However that disappointment dissipates once Netsuno laughs, remarking that she never thought Shouko could get so frustrated. Netsuno then tells Shouko that she can challenge her anytime, she then gives Shouko her contact info, and the two become friends.


  • The first two hiragana characters of her surname "netsu" (ねつ) can also be the reading for "heat" (熱)
  • Likewise, all her fellow runners in Chapter 54 have "hot/heat" in their names.
  • She is in the same year as Gorimi.
  • She's weak to compassion, as seen when she burst to tears seeing Shouko's friends care more about her than the result of the race.
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