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Nakanaka-san is a chuunibyou

—Chapter 31

Omoharu Nakanaka
Character Name
Full Name Omoharu Nakanaka
Kanji 中々 思春
Furigana なかなか おもはる
Aliases Arsot Les Primavera
Personal Info
Birthday February 29[1]
Gender Female
Occupation Student
School Itan Private High School
Manga Debut Chapter 31

Omoharu Nakanaka ( (なか) (なか) (おも) (はる) Nakanaka Omoharu?) is a student who usually speaks in dubious speech as a result of being a chuunibyou. She states that she was Arsot Les Primavera and that Komi Shouko is Princess Komilia.


Nakanaka sports a chuunibyou-like fashion, covering her left eye with an eyepatch, her left hand with bandages, and wearing her jacket hanging over her shoulders.


Nakanaka is known to others as a chuunibyou, but, despite this, she has a lot of secret fans and is ranked sixth on their list. She calls being friends with Shouko a "Blood Oath."  Before entering the series, Nakanaka's offputting nature leads her to be very lonely. Nakanaka is an enthusiast of many things, including video games like Swamp Bros, board games like Battle Dome and card games. Her room decor includes occult themed posters and a bookshelf full of manga.


Nakanaka at first attempts to become friends with Shouko in the only way she knows how: in a weird way. Saying her "Dragon Force" is reacting, she asks Shouko to take her hand. Shouko doesn't understand. After seeing Nakanaka alone and partner-less during PE, she walks over and offers to be her partner.

Nakanaka's and Ren's adorations of their friend Shouko sparks conflict between the two, who both believe they are the better friend to Shouko than the other.


  • Her surname, Nakanaka, is from the word "Chuu" in Chuunibyou, which is the same as "Naka", a common otaku lexicon. This is further reinforced by her given name, which consists of the kanji 思 ("believe, imagine, dream") and 春 ("spring; adolescence, puberty"), alluding to chuunibyou being the state of an adolescent having delusions of grandeur.
  • She purchased a wooden sword during her school trip to Kyoto and named it "Darkness Kikuichimonji."
  • Her idea for the Cultural Festival was to have a band, though her ulterior motive was to hear Shouko's singing voice.


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