Omojiri-sensei is lazy.

—Volume 12, Chapter 158

Omojiri Miwa
Omojiri Miwa.png
Character Name
Full Name Omojiri Miwa
Kanji 重尻 実葉
Furigana おもじリ みわ
Personal Info
Gender Female
Occupation Teacher
School Itan Private High School
Manga Debut Chapter 158

Omojiri Miwa ( (おも) (じリ) () () Omojiri Miwa?) is a teacher at Itan Private High School


Omojiri has short hair parted in the middle and is most often seen wearing a dress shirt, blazer, and knee-length skirt.


Omojiri is shown to act very proper and neat while at school. She finishes her lessons on time and helps her fellow teachers. When she gets home however she becomes very lazy, even sleeping on her floor because she does not want to move.


  • His name Omojiri Miwa (おもじリ, みわ) means lazy with pretty words.


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