Otori-san is taking it slow.

—Chapter 64

Otori Kaede
Otori manga.png
Character Name
Full Name Otori Kaede
Kanji 尾鶏 楓
Furigana おとり かえで
Personal Info
Birthday June 10[1]
Gender Female
Occupation Student
School Itan Private High School
  • 1st year
  • Class 1
Manga Debut Chapter 64

Kaede Otori ( () (とり) (かえで) Otori Kaede?) is a slow-paced girl. She was the second person that was able to make Komi Shouko talk.


Kaede has long, black hair that she keeps in a low ponytail. She is most often seen in the female school uniform.


Kaede is a member of cultural festival group. She is usually late on conversations because of her slow tempo that was decided on her own pace, however, Shouko sees it as a fortunate thing as she can establish conversation with Kaede properly. During the cultural festival, Kaede went to buy refurbishments with Shouko and Onemine Nene. She whimsically tells Shouko how she wanted to be friends with her after seeing Shouko and Hitohito's friendly relationship, showing her thoughtful personality.


  • Her name, Otori ( () (とり) Otori?), means ladylike or gentle and quiet.
  • Her mother has a tendency to get lost, as seen in the Otori family's Obon.
  • Kaede has on multiple occasions been seen holding hands with Onemine Nene.


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