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Otori-san is taking it slow.

—Chapter 64

Otori Kaede
Otori manga.png
Character Name
Full Name Otori Kaede
Kanji 尾鶏 楓
Furigana おとり かえで
Personal Info
Birthday June 10[1]
Gender Female
Occupation Student
School Itan Private High School
  • 1st year
  • Class 1
Manga Debut Chapter 64

Kaede Otori ( () (とり) (かえで) Otori Kaede?) is a very lackadaisical and gentle student originally in Class 1-1. She was the second person that was able to make Komi Shouko talk.


Kaede has long black hair with bangs that covers her forehead. She is seen with a low ponytail and a bow at the end. Kaede has an ahoge sticking out on the top of her head and frame hairs that cover the sides of her face, bundled with hair ties at the ends. She is most often seen in the female school uniform; she wears it with knee-high socks.


Kaede first appeared in Volume 5 when she served as the only indicated member of the Festival Committee, and was tasked with running an errand to restock materials for its preparation. She asked Shouko to accompany her, and tellingly, Onemine Nene quickly volunteered to go along as well. It soon became clear that Kaede is slow in manner in every way--she walks very slowly, she speaks with a drawl, and she seems absent and daydreamy. She is known to disappear if she is unsupervised for even a moment.

Despite her odd behavior but likely because of her kind and carefree demeanor, Shouko opens up to her relatively easily. Kaede lightly tells Shouko how she wanted to be friends with her after seeing Shouko, Hitohito, and Najimi's friendly relationship, showing her distant but kind and mildly observant personality. She promptly gets distracted from the exchange by a chainsaw (she didn't know what it was).

She can pass hours or days on end without noticing by watching a continuous motion, like an oil timer (Chapter 88) or a fireplace recording (Chapter 94).


  • Her name, Otori ( () (とり) Otori?), means ladylike or gentle and quiet.
  • Her mother shares her tendency to wander and get lost, as seen in Chapter 186 and Chapter 241.
  • Kaede has on multiple occasions been seen holding hands with Onemine. In Chapter 292, it was revealed that Nene holds her hand to prevent instances of her sudden vanishing.


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