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Rei Natsukido
Rei profile.png
Character Name
Full Name Natsukido Rei
Kanji 夏木戸 零
Personal Info
Gender Female
Family Unnamed Mother

Unnamed Father

Occupation Student
Year/Course 2nd Grade (Elementary School)[1]
Manga Debut Chapter 168

Rei Natsukido ( (なつ) () () (れい) Natsukido Rei?) is the daughter of one of Komi Shuuko’s classmates. She stays at Komi's house for a week because her parents are traveling around the world for their job. She is similar to Komi in that they both have trouble communicating with people.


Natsukido has a black/blue shoulder length hair with a bow. She has cat-like eyes and a slender body. She seems to like wearing one-piece dresses.


She has a tsundere-like personality, and doesn't like to show that she has fun. She tries to stay serious , but actually has a easy-going personality that she hides. Because of her parents' international work, she would always move around and change schools, which made her to be unable to have friends and hang out with others.




  • Her bears' name is Elizabeth Alexandrine Georgine Jeanne Catherine Christiane, Rei's description was: "She was born to the royal Alexandrine family and the noble Christiane family. She's 14 years old and she's fifth in line for the throne. She's high-handed and naive and selfish and careless, but sometimes she surprises everyone by saying something insightful." (Writers' note: Why, a stuffed animal with realistic personality traits. Finally.)
  • She blew Komi's attempt at talking to her off 4 times by turning her head away, leaving Komi in confusion.


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