Rei Natsukido
Rei profile.png
Character Name
Full Name Natsukido Rei
Kanji 夏木戸 零
Personal Info
Gender Female
Family Unnamed Mother

Unnamed Father

Occupation Student
Year/Course 2nd Grade (Elementary School)[1]
Manga Debut Chapter 168

Rei Natsukido ( (なつ) () () (れい) Natsukido Rei?) is the daughter of one of Komi Shuuko’s classmates. She stays at Komi Shouko’s house for a week because her parents are travelling around the world for their job. She is similar to Komi in that they both have trouble communicating with people.


Netsuko have a black/blue shoulder length hair with a bow. She has a cat like eyes and a slender body. She seems too like wearing a one piece dress


She has a tsundere like personality and easy going pesonality that she hides. Because of her parents work, she liked to move school around which made her avoid having friends and hanging out





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