Sukida Lily likes yuri

—Chapter 216

Sukida Lily
Sukida Lily.jpg
Character Name
Full Name Sukida Lily
Personal Info
Gender Female
Occupation Student
School Itan Private High School
Year/Course 2nd Year Class 3
Manga Debut Chapter 137

Sukida Lily is a second-year at Itan Private High School.


Sukida Lily has long, straight hair with straight-cut bangs and hair clip in the right side of her hair. She sports very large eyes.


Lily is occasionally seen in the background shipping her classmates together, feverishly writing on a clipboard. One of her favorites is "Yama x Naka".

In Chapter 232, Lily stops Tadano Hitohito (who is cross-dressing) and Komi Shouko, believing to have found a new girl x girl development. Upon closer inspection of Tadano, she realizes he is in fact a guy, and leaves. Before parting ways, she asks about "a long black beauty Komi Shouko and a blonde Gyaru Rumiko Manbagi, professing their love for each other."


  • Yuri is girl x girl relationships
  • "Lily" is the English equivalent of the Japanese name "Yuri"
    • "Sukida Lily" thus translates to "I love Yuri"
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