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Tadano-kun is a timid coward.

—Volume 1, Chapter 1

Tadano Hitohito
Character Name
Full Name Tadano Hitohito
Kanji 只野 仁人
Furigana ただの ひとひと
Personal Info
Age 15 (First Appearance)
Birthday September 29[1]
Blood type O
Gender Male
Height 168 cm (5'6", First Year)
170.2 cm (5'7", Second Year)
Affiliation Komi Shouko (Girlfriend)
Family Tadano Hitomi (Younger Sister)
Unnamed mother
Unnamed father
  • Class Representative
  • Student
School Itan Private High School
Manga Debut Chapter 1 (One-shot)
Chapter 1 (Series)

Hitohito Tadano ( (ただ) () (ひと) (ひと) Tadano Hitohito?) is the main character of the story. While appearing to be nothing but ordinary, he possesses exceptional observation skills.


Hitohito is often described as an ordinary student with normal looks and average height and weight. His style of clothing is also considered to be relatively typical. His lone stand-out feature is the white cowlick in his black hair. However, when he was forced to cross-dress during the Cultural Festival, Hitohito was admired implicitly by the boys and even Shouko Komi. His cross-dressing incorporates a short, red-haired girl's wig with pigtails.


Hitohito suffered from a chuunibyou phase in his second year of middle school. After confessing to a girl who straight-up rejected him, he began to be self-conscious of his identity and drastically altered his style and outlook on life, making himself less noticeable to others. Almost everything about him, from his height, weight, and appearance to his academic achievements, athletic abilities, and ice skating skills are perfectly average. On his first day of high school, he deduced Shouko had a communication disorder and became invested in helping her achieve her dream of making a hundred friends.

Despite his apparent lack of outstanding talents, Hitohito has been shown to be good at buying gifts.

His special skill is reading the atmosphere; a talent he uses to keep himself out of trouble. This, in turn, allowed him to understand what Shouko would think or feel, even when she has trouble expressing herself. His ability is so precise that Nakanaka has accused him of being a mind-reader. Despite his talents for empathy and observation, he can be somewhat clueless when it comes to romance, being unable to tell when someone else harbours romantic feelings for him. Over time, he has become a close friend of Makoto, being able to see through his gruff exterior.

Because Hitohito’s seat was originally next to Shouko’s, many of his classmates initially held resentment towards him. His friends and teachers are aware of his disposition, and often take advantage of him.


  • His name, Hitohito Tadano ( (ただ) () (ひと) (ひと) Tadano Hitohito?), means just some guy.
  • In the one-shot, his name was Tadano Shigeo.
  • His handle name is †JIN-JIN†.[2]
  • During his chuunibyou phase, he often wore popped up shirt collars and T-shirts with sanskrit characters on them and would pose with his hands on his neck, as if it were hurting.
  • He likes old buildings of historical significance.
  • Hitohito makes a very convincing girl.
  • He has shown signs of being a masochist, such as when he was shown to enjoy being whipped in the face[3] and being stood on[4].
  • Hitohito's ability to "read the room" is borderline telepathy.


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