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Hitomi Tadano isn't ordinary.

Chapter 133

Tadano Hitomi
Character Name
Full Name Tadano Hitomi
Kanji 只野 瞳
Furigana ただの ひとみ
Personal Info
Age 14 (first appearance)
15-16 (currently)
Gender Female
Hair Black
Eye Black
Family Tadano Jeanne (mother)
Unnamed father
Tadano Hitohito (older brother)
Occupation Student
School Kisai Highschool
Year/Course 1st Year
Manga Debut Chapter 18
Anime Debut Episode 3
English Voice Suzie Yeung
Japanese Voice Maaya Uchida

Hitomi Tadano ( (ただ) () (ひとみ) Tadano Hitomi?) is the younger sister of Tadano Hitohito. She bears resemblance to her brother in terms of understanding people's minds.

She is an energetic girl, unlike her brother who is timid and more passive in doing things.


Hitomi is a short girl that shares the same big beady eyes as her older brother and makes similar expressions. She wears her hair in two short twin tails.


In contrast to her older brother, who is usually seen as "extremely average," Hitomi is an energetic and eccentric girl. Unlike her more self-conscious brother, Hitomi is not as concerned with what others think, doing odd things such as introducing herself via rapping and not being embarrassed by it. Because of her cheery nature, she is well-liked among her peers.

Hitomi is rather blunt and forthright, openly claiming that she's not very good in either grades or sports during her class introduction. She does not seem to possess the same level of self-awareness as her older brother and tends to jump to conclusions, assuming that the reason Shousuke wasn't talking to her was because he had a communication disorder when in reality he was just choosing to ignore her. Nonetheless, she is a kind and friendly girl who does her best to "help" Shousuke with communicating. This usually means she using ventriloquism to pretend Shousuke is speaking.


  • She sleeps in the same room as her older brother.
  • She is good at ventriloquism.
  • She is good enough at Judo that she was able to enter the prefectural tournament in middle school.
  • Besides Chusaku Kometani, and Najimi Osana. Hitomi is one of the characters who broke the fourth wall[1]
  • Thinks of Shousuke Komi as a brother in Chapter 344.


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