A girl that really wants some tissues

—Volume 3, Chapter 43

Teshigawara Hoshiko
Teshigawara Hoshiko.jpg
Character Name
Full Name Teshigawara Hoshiko
Personal Info
Age 26
Gender Female
Occupation Unknown
Manga Debut Chapter 43

Teshigawara Hoshiko ( () 使 () (がわ) (はら) (ほし) () Teshigawara Hoshiko?) is a background character who has appeared briefly in Chapters 43 and 174 so far.


Hoshiko has short, dark hair. She wears a business suit and carries a handbag over her shoulder.


Hoshiko first appears in pages 8-9 of Chapter 43 "Part Time Job", where Komi is handing out pocket tissues, and Hoshiko really needs some tissues. Hoshiko sees Komi, but going to get a handout herself is awfully desperate. Komi, a good reader of nonverbal cues, recognizes the strong aura of tissue-needing-ness emanating from Hoshiko, and successful hands out her first pack of pocket tissues.

She also appears in pages 7-8 of Chapter 174 "Nakanaka-san's Great Summer Day". Suteno Gorou and rest of the Four Heavenly Kings are hanging out in front of a convenience store, and suddenly witness Omoharu Nakanaka and her chuunibyou antics with an umbrella. Caught pretending that her umbrella is a gun, Nakanaka freezes upon seeing the Kings. Also coming across the strange scene, the confused Hoshiko (whom the umbrella is pointing at) plays along and pretends to be shot, thinking it's a street performance. When the embarrassed Nakanaka runs off, and with the confused Hoshiko still lying "dead" on the floor, Suteno and the Kings simply assume the umbrella was an actual disguised firearm, and that they just witnessed an unbelievable sight.


  • Teshigawara Hoshiko's name means "a girl who really wants tissues."
  • Hoshiko placed 37th on the first popularity poll.
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