Toutoi kun isn't noble at all.

—Chapter 150

Toutoi Son
Toutoi manga
Character Name
Full Name Toutoi Son
Kanji 尊井 尊
Furigana とうとい そん
Personal Info
Age 16
Gender Male
Affiliation "Looking for porn mags by the river" Club
Occupation Student
School Itan Private High School
Year/Course 2nd year Class 1 (Current)
Manga Debut Chapter 130

Toutoi Son is a student in Shouko's class. Despite his looks, he isn't very noble.


Toutoi looks like the Buddha. When he's not wearing a school uniform he wears clothing similar to a monk.


He's introduced in Chapter 130, where he's forced to introduce himself by telling an embarrassing story. During middle school a girl saw him pick up a porn magazine by the riverside.

His next appearance is in Chapter 150 as the MC for the "Summer Uniform Wearing Grand Prix". Somehow he knew that Shouko was wearing 60 denier tights instead of 80.

He's seen looking for porn magazines with Ohai and Fukusuki in Chapter 192.


  • Ironically, toutoi (尊い) means respect.
  • He's formed a "Looking for porn mags by the river" club with Ohai Shuki and Fukusuki Natsu.
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