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* [[Odoka Shizuka]]
* [[Odoka Shizuka]]
* [[Baba Kingyo]]
* [[Baba Kingyo]]
* [[Kishi]]
* [[Kishi Himeko]]

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Komi-san chararcters

100 characters in Komi-san; my goal is at least 50 of these are in this wiki.

THIS WIKI'S SO SMALL. Hello. I am Drew. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, but I also love writing. I love filling this small wiki with all my favorite characters from Komi-san. I love cross-referencing details from the manga online. I will capture every small character in this manga if it kills me. Or until I get bored of Komi-san. Don't bother messaging me unless you have complaints with my article style, and even then I still probably won't read your messages. Actually no, it gives me the little notification. Sure, message me. But I might not read it.

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