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Yadano Makeru hates to lose.

—Chapter 20.

Yadano Makeru
Character Name
Full Name Yadano Makeru
Kanji 矢田野 まける
Furigana やだの まける
Personal Info
Birthday January 3[1]
Gender Female
Height 156.6 cm
Weight 51.7 kg
Occupation Student
School Itan Private High School
Manga Debut Chapter 20
Anime Debut Episode 4
English Voice Kira Buckland
Japanese Voice Ami Maeshima

Yadano Makeru ( () () () まける Yadano Makeru?) is a competitive girl who likes to compete with Komi Shouko.


Yadano sports low twin tails tied on the back of her shoulders and bangs cut above her eyebrows. She is usually seen wearing a beaded bracelet.

In Chapter 205, it's revealed that Makeru's height and weight are 155.8 cm and 53.8 kg, respectively.


Makeru is the self-addressed rival of Komi Shouko. She is often seen struggling on her own, pretending as if Komi has accepted her rivalry each time being defeated by Shouko's results. In comparison to Shouko's "goddess" position in their, class Makeru has called herself the "commoner". Even so, she has her own fan club consisting of mostly masochistic type male students.


  • Her name is a play of words on the phrase 負けるやだの (Makeru yada no), meaning "I hate losing."
  • Her special skill is doing facial tricks.[2]
  • In Physical Examination, her vision is 0.7, her sitting height is 87, grip strength 18 kg, body flexibility is 45 cm, side-stepping 42, sit-ups is 21x, shotput with handball is 5 m.[3]
  • Makeru placed 27th in the first popularity poll.


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